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Become an Independent Dealer

Since 1960, Tempo Gas Bars have been proudly serving the heart of Western Canada's communities. Our commitment remains strong in nurturing a service-driven network that puts local entrepreneurs at the forefront. Just like you, we're passionate about offering our customers dependable service, embracing local values, and delivering top-notch fuel at competitive rates. As a member of the Tempo network, you'll forge your path to success with the unwavering support of local CO-OP®, a trusted name in over 630 communities throughout Western Canada.

Fuelled by Co-op

As an independent dealer, you have the opportunity to prominently showcase the "Fuelled by Co-op" emblem, signifying your partnership with a nationally recognized brand that Western Canadians have relied upon for generations.

TOP TIER Co-op Fuels

Our gasoline is TOP TIER™ Certified to optimize fuel economy, improve vehicle performance, and reduce harmful emissions. We subject our gasoline to stringenttesting by an independent third party backed by respected automakers to ensure it exceeds government standards.

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